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IT Infrastructure Installation and Management

“Save on costs, manage your assets and control your IT infrastructure”

Our services span all the companies’ required activities as part of the installation, configuration, management, withdrawal and disposal of computer equipment. These services are applicable to any brand, regardless of where it was purchased, and from whom.

The “IT lifecycle” diagram details Migesa’s capabilities, which may be complemented with specific services you may require. At each phase, we apply best market practices and deliver the required electronic database.

IT lifecycle Migesa Equipamiento
  • Establish or update the technology strategy.
  • Select products.
  • Negotiate the best business conditions.
  • Follow-up to ensure delivery times.
  • Report on the order status.
Receipt & Inspection
  • Validate that shipments match purchase orders.
  • Apply warranties and returns.
  • Label equipment for asset control.
SW and parts installation
  • Applying the “Building Blocks” concept for image components.
  • Preloading software and installing additional parts.
  • Standardization to ensure efficiency and cost-reduction.
  • Establish or update technology strategies.
  • Select products.
  • Negotiate the best business conditions.
  • Scheduled or per incident.
  • Disposal or reuse of packaging in the event of updates.
  • Backup and transfer of users’ information.
  • Management of accountability documents for equipment and software delivery.
  • Configuration of local networks and peripherals.
  • Specialized fine tuning.
  • Packaging supply.
  • Transfer to Migesa or clients’ locations.
  • Large capacity warehouse, fitted for computer equipment.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Inventory control.
  • Inventory of parts and equipment.
  • Formatting and installation of original image including deleting users’ information.
  • General cleaning and repackaging.
  • Storage and custody.