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Leasing and Financing Solutions

Get the best return!

Our leasing and financing plans make it easier for companies to acquire and update their computer infrastructure with great financial and fiscal advantages. It is increasingly popular for companies to lease equipment, instead of purchasing.  “Computer equipment leasing has been used in Mexico for over 20 years”. Migesa IT Equipment works with specialized financial companies in computer and communication equipment leases. This is important, because these companies offer the best financial terms and conditions in the IT industry.

Added Value

We help our clients understand the leasing process and its operating structure, and depending on each project’s specific conditions, we make suggestions on the best leasing or financing plan available to ensure the best financial advantage.

Our consultants are experienced and resourceful to perform an appropriate “end of leasing” process when the equipment is returned to the leasing company, thereby helping our clients avoid additional costs. Migesa does not have access to our clients’ financial and sensitive information, because credit is awarded through the leasing company.



  • Greater return on investment
  • Better fiscal advantages
  • Simpler equipment furnishing cycles
  • Constantly updated technology

Important considerations:

  • Credit is granted through leasing companies, not Migesa. Migesa’s role is to facilitate operating processes and help companies choose the best option.
  • Leasing companies mentioned here offer services for any computer and communications brand, not just their own.